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Communal elections 2023

Schaaf Jean-Paul Schaaf

57 years, mayor and deputy, Social worker, Ettelbruck

Starting with our top candidate Jean-Paul Schaaf.
Since 2003, Jean-Paul has invested all his energy as mayor in our local politics and has represented our interests in the Chamber of Deputies again since 2020.
For him, one thing is certain
We are on the right track to become sustainable, climate neutral and more responsible. Ettelbruck-Warken guarantees a beautiful place to live.

Dos Santos Andrade Jailza

s, social pedagogue, Ettelbruck

Jailza Dos Santos Andrade is a social pedagogue and as a mother of 3 daughters, social togetherness is particularly important to her. Through her involvement with the Cape Verdean Asbl Estrela do Norte asbl and as a secretary in the Parents’ Association of LCD Diekirch asbl, she brings this to light.

For her it is clear:

In the core of Ettelbruck, we are continuing to develop public places where people can feel good, feel safe and have a good time together. We stand for human togetherness. A community that is close to its citizens.

Dr. Kalweit Renate

58 years, Gynecologist, Warken

Dr Renate Kalweit is a 58-year-old gynaecologist at the CHDN.
As a mother of two children and a doctor, she attaches particular importance to the quality of the health care system and to preventive work with young people. Thanks to her multifaceted work, she invests her energy in medical work for women.
For her, one thing is clear:
We must continue to improve working conditions and patient care in our hospital. We are fighting for this cause.

Koks Vincent

25 years, educator and student “Social work”,Warken

Vincent Koks is 25 years old and in addition to his degree in education he is studying social work. As the international secretary of the CSJ student organisation, he is in charge of European student politics. In addition to this activity, he is also involved in various committees.

For him, one thing is certain:
No one should be forgotten in our society. For this reason, we welcome the measure to employ two social workers (Nordstadjugend). As the CSV, it is important for us to stand up for social justice in the community.

Lutgen Charel

28 J years, social pedagogue, Warken

Charel Lutgen is 28 years old, comes from Ettelbruck and works as a Social educational expert in the SOS Children’s Village in Mersch.
His engagement in the scouts and his profession, make for him the work with children and young people particularly important.
For him, one thing is clear: as a municipality, we must continue our commitment to making community life more attractive. At the same time, we must continue to adapt to the needs of the aged. No one should be forgotten. We must listen to, build on the experience of those who are experienced, and we must look after the interests of young people.

Momper Julie

28 years – Master in German studies and worker in a book shop, Ettelbruck

Julie Momper is 28 years old and has lived in Ettelbruck since she was a child. Julie has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in German language and literature and works in a bookshop. Languages are both a symbol of diversity and a tool for social cohabitation.
That is why it is so important to preserve culture. As a strong woman, Julie wants to commit herself to a sustainable municipal policy with its important chapters such as the protection of culture and nature.
For her, one thing is clear: we are a dynamic municipality with cultural diversity and a strong perspective for the future. A municipality that is confronted with both social and environmental challenges, which for her are important to address in order to maintain its attractiveness and importance.

Nicolay Pascal

53 years, assessor,librarian, Ettelbruck

 Pascal Nicolay is 53 years old and works as a Graduate librarian-documentalist at the National Library. Since 2005, he has represented the interests of the citizens around the municipal council and has taken over the mandate as alderman since September 2022. In his spare time, he is also active in various commissions and also in the national committee of the “Enrôlés de Force”.

For him, one thing is certain:
Ettelbrück is a dynamic town and a transport hub in the “Nordstadt”. For this reason, we are committed to the promotion of non-motorised traffic and the creation of small, decentralised parking facilities for residents.

Oliveira Monteiro Elisabeth

32 years, teacher, Ettelbruck

Melanie Oliveira Monteiro is 32 years old and is a teacher at the “École Fondamentale” in Ettelbruck.

Besides her political and professional activities, she is passionate about sports and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
In 2016, Melanie volunteered to help build a school in Costa Rica as part of “Project Abroad”.
Afterwards, she helped to develop a pedagogical concept and taught for a year in this school.

For our candidate, one thing is clear: Ettelbruck is a city full of potential due to its many multicultural facets.
As a teacher and the daughter of Portuguese parents, she is interested in providing quality education that meets the needs and interests of the students. For these reasons, Melanie believes that the neighbourhood school project for Ettelbrück is a good step in the right direction for the children and also for the environment.

Peiffer Tom

28 years, teacher, Ettelbruck

Tom Peiffer born in Ettelbruck, he is 28 years old and a teacher. As a passionate sportsman, he is particularly fond of the leisure and sports facilities in the municipality. That’s why we need strong clubs, many volunteers and the necessary infrastructure.

For him, one thing is clear. Sport offers an ideal place to bring people together. As a municipality, we must continue to create good conditions to make sports and leisure facilities attractive and accessible to everyone.

Pinto ép. Grosber Ana

47 years, civil servant, Ettelbruck

After her studies in the health sector, Ana Pinto now works in the public sector. In addition to her family life and her political commitment to the municipality, Ana is involved in various voluntary associations, such as the “Schungkëscht Asbl”, a humanitarian association, and “La voix des survivants”, which defends all victims of violence. She considers herself a Luxembourg citizen with Portuguese origins and is particularly concerned about social cohesion in society. For her, one thing is clear: we want to continue to work to ensure that Ettelbruck remains an attractive and safe business town, where it is good to live together.

Rasqui Luc

56 years, communal councillor, civil servant, Ettelbruck

Luc Rasqui is 56 years old and has lived in Ettelbruck since he was a child. He is married and has two sons. He has worked for 37 years as a public employee at the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat Luxembourg. He is also a member of various commissions and, since October 2022, a member of the municipal council of the town of Ettelbruck.
Through his involvement with the Ettelbruck “Croix-Rouge” and the Ettelbruck Table Tennis Club, Luc attaches great importance to the social and sports fields.
Quality of life, quality of living, education and security are priorities for him. This is why he is committed to the quick realization of several projects (market place, railway station, bypass road, Warken school, road renovation, etc.).

Renckens Lucien

65 years, retired civil servant, Ettelbruck

Lucien Renckens is 65 years old, the father of two children and a retired civil servant. In the municipality, in addition to his activity in the safety committee, he is also a member of various associations such as the LPPD Nord, the CAPA Ettelbruck, Vice-President of the ACE and President of the Post Office dispatchers’ union.
For him, one thing is clear. Ettelbruck is a town with a lot of potential. That is why we want to work for more police officers to be present in the municipality and for the legal camera surveillance to be adopted.

Wagner Elisabeth

34 years, Social worker, Ettelbruck

Elisabeth Wagner is a young mother with an age of 34.

For Elisabeth, it is important to prepare our community for the future and thus enable the next generation to live happily in Ettelbruck.
Given her profession and her private situation (Elisabeth is the mother of a little boy), children and their families are particularly important to her.
Our community should be a place for all generations. Everyone should feel comfortable here.